Ambulette, Paratransit, and NEMT Insurance in Brooklyn, NY


What is an Ambulette, Paratransit, or Non-Emergency Medical Transportation(NEMT) Insurance?

An Ambulette, Paratransit, or Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) vehicle is a vehicle designed to take passengers who are disabled or suffer from mobility issues from one place to another. For instance, many people need specific ambulette or paratransit vehicles to take them to hospitals for non-emergency appointments.

These are different from ambulances and don’t have sirens, for instance. The vehicles are usually designed with specific alterations that can help wheelchair passengers, such as providing a wheelchair ramp into the vehicle. They are not designed for treating passengers for emergencies, like an ambulance. It is also possible to book this sort of transport in advance, rather than medical emergency vehicles which are available to respond to 911 calls.

Do I Need Ambulette, Paratransit or NEMT Insurance in New York?

Yes. Ambulette, Paratransit or NEMT Insurance is often required by state or local law and the facilities that contract for the Ambulette, Paratransit or NEMT services. The requirements are typically a bundle of different coverages. The most important coverages include: Auto Liability and Physical Damage Coverage; Workers Compensation and General Liability Coverage.

Some carriers require that your company be in business for a certain number of years before they provide coverage. Make sure to consult an insurance agent or broker to provide to advice about the coverage you need. Legal requirements vary from state to state.

How Do I Buy Ambulette, Paratransit or NEMT Vehicle Insurance?

To start the process of buying ambulette, paratransit insurance, or NEMT vehicle insurance, reach out to Next Century Insurance today. Our knowledgeable team has experience working with all of the best insurers who can provide you with the level of coverage you need whether you operate one vehicle or a whole fleet.

NEMT Insurance

Non-emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Cost

The NEMT insurance cost can vary greatly depending on a number of factors including how long you have been driving or how long the company has been in operation. The insurer needs a number of details about your service or your fleet before they offer insurance, including information on the vehicle itself.

We are proud of the fact that we work with the best possible insurers, and we provide you with the best possible prices as a result.

The Requirements of Ambulette, Paratransit or NEMT Insurance

Non emergency transportation insurance is required by law in New York. NEMT insurance has to be bought by companies who are looking to run a for-hire service such as an ambulance, which is why paratransit insurance is so important.

There are different levels of coverage, including auto liability coverage, or physical damage cover for the vehicle, or fleet of vehicles. Some insurers are quite specific about the companies they will work with. Fortunately, our brokers will help you to find non emergency medical transportation auto insurance for virtually any scenario.