About Us

about us

Debra Brown

Broker and Owner

With over 20 years in the TLC Insurance business, Debra has extensive knowledge of the market, driver and fleet requirements and customer service experience. Debra gained her experience when she first joined the TLC community back when she was 17 years old working for a TLC brokerage in Brooklyn. Kind hearted, outspoken and a strong will to succeed and help TLC drivers, Debra has been adored by the drivers for years.

Lang Xu (Sunny)

Office Manager

Sunny runs the day to day operations of the office and is in charge of all driver changes, vehicles changes and endorsements. Sunny has a hands on approach with all clients and finds the best and most suitable policy for any customer’s needs.

Gavriel Gavrilov


With over 15 year experience in the TLC industry, Gavriel started out as a TLC driver. There he learned the difficulties of servicing the clients and dealing with headaches of being a New York City cab driver. After graduating college Gavriel managed a black car company with over 400 vehicles, dispatched and serviced corporate clients and sales. Shortly after Uber and Lyft entered the New York market Gavriel founded Next Century Insurance.

Our Services

  • Insurance for Individual Owner-Operators
  • Fleets
  • Nonemergency Vehicles
  • Ambulletes in the Tri-State Area

Where It All Started

Our business started on August 31, 2011.

With 10 years in the market, we have been able to establish a strong customer base because of the amount of work we put into servicing and assisting our clients on a daily basis.

Why Next Century Insurance

With the rise of Uber and Lyft in the New York market we saw a niche for the number of drivers looking to work for them and recognized their need for insurance and customer service. Protecting drivers and fleets is what we do and we know how to do it correctly.

Looking to Work With Us?

Becoming a client is easy. You can visit our website, submit your documents by adding or taking pictures on your smartphone and we will get back to you quickly with rates. Paying and managing your policy is simple as well as everything is online.

Our Values

Gavriel’s knowledge of what it was and is driving New York streets and servicing clients definitely provided an edge to the business. Understanding the frustrations of taxi drivers and trying to help them with unfamiliar territory such as insurance is what he excels at.

As app-based taxi companies entered New York more and more drivers who never were cabbies flooded the market with zero knowledge. We were able to produce and sell products based on their needs and budgets.

How We Are Different

Insurance itself is difficult to understand, what it covers, what it doesn’t, how it works, who and when gets paid. All these aspects we try to explain and teach to our clients through our multi-language speaking staff. Our friendly staff is able to communicate in English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Arabic, and Ukrainian. From purchasing a policy to assisting you with registering your vehicle, going through the TLC process, and helping with an accident or claim our staff is here for you.